Join the Joy Hunt!

21 Sep

Throughout 2011 God has put me on a path of self discovery. Along the way, there have been many methods of his direction. But one thing he laid in front of me and made sure I did not ignore was the amazing and very special book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. (to learn more, click on cover photo below)

  This is a rich, deep read that I keep going back to over and over, and it is far to simple to say it is a book about Gratitude. But, truly, it is a book about Gratitude — the kind of Gratitude that comes only from looking closely and seeing clearly that Happiness & Joy are not “out there” somewhere … they are ALREADY HERE!! God’s gifts are ALREADY here in abundance.

This simple but wonderful message has changed my life. And over time there will be more posts inspired by this book, I have no doubt.

I have gifted this book to others. I have chatted about it over lunch. I have encouraged others to see their abundance. I have been drawn to a wealth of fellow walkers of this gratitude path.

I have been compelled to share what a difference seeing God in my Every Day has made — and what a difference it can make for YOU!!

In a small group setting in Fayetteville, NC, a band of beauty hunters will be meeting weekly to discover new ways to be aware of our Already Abundant Life. But this message is too important to keep to ourselves! So we will share our stories and exercises and weekly challenges here, so you can JOIN US!!

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