5x a Day

23 Sep


Certainly 5 is the floor and infinity is the ceiling. You’ll discover that when you start to pay closer attention to things, you’ll see more like 5 things in 15 minutes that make you smile, or give you pause, or show you a glimpse of God in the midst of your everyday life. (If you missed the post on how to pay attention, find it here.)

What do I mean by record? Personally, I most often use journaling to capture my thoughts and lists. But if you’d rather photograph, sketch, voice record, write a poem, plant a flag at the point of pleasure — or any combination of those — by all means, go for it.

When I started my list, I bought a small journal that would fit in my purse, so I could just jot a few words when I spotted awesomeness. Inevitably my purse would be in the car or the house or anywhere but right next to me when I wanted that notebook. So I started a “Note” on my SmartPhone, and I type away at that more than anything now. (Afterall, I am hardly ever without my phone.)

Maybe you want to keep several index cards around the house and/or office and/or car, so you always have something to write on. Or start a file on your computer. Or make friends with a tatoo artist. There is no rule that says you have to write one master list. Or write everything in the actual order you noticed them in. Or, for that matter, even write them down at all.

Personally, I love to journal what I count as gifts throughout my days because it’s a good place to turn when I’m feeling less than blessed at any given time. BUT — and this is REALLY important!!

The magic of doing any kind of Gratitude List is NOT in writing it down.
The magic is in noticing IN THE FIRST PLACE!

So give yourself some grace if you just know there was something you wanted to write down and now that you have paper in front of you it’s not coming back to memory. God will give it to you again!

And if the recording part of this is giving you ANY anxiety at all, then just do this. Start each day with 5 pennies in your left pocket. Each time you “Find Beauty” move a penny from your left pocket to your right until all 5 are on the other side. It won’t take long before you notice you’re doing a lot more noticing.

If you dare, join me and countless others across the world who have set our goal at 1000 Gifts. See how my list is progressing here, then share your own list (or blog link) in the Comments section.

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