What is Beauty?

29 Sep

If we have dedicated ourselves to this task of finding beauty in our everyday lives, it only makes sense to pause for a moment and ask: What is Beauty?

Inspired by the Five-Minute Friday  Journaling concept from blogger Gypsy Mama, I encourage you to explore that question for yourself in this way.

1. Get out your journal – Write “What is Beauty?” at the top of a page
2. Set a timer for 5 minutes
3. Write WITHOUT editing, thinking, or stopping. If you get stuck, just write “what is beauty” again and keep going.


Here’s mine:

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I don’t think that’s true. Beauty is in the eye of the creator. It doesn’t matter, frankly, what anyone else can see in it. Being labeled beautiful by someone else is NOT what gives anything its beauty, its value. Whether you can see it or not makes no difference to what it ALREADY is – beautiful, awesome, created with a purpose, fully and deeply loved by its creator.

If an artist creates a painting under constant worry over what you or I will see in it, the art can never become what the artist needs it to be – it can’t be a full expression of what the artist sees as beautiful, or necessary.

It is good and right for me to be on the hunt for the beauty in my life – to expand my awareness and train my eyes and heart to see in new ways. But my flagging things in my life as beauty only aligns my sight with what they ALREADY ARE. My victory cry of “I Found Beauty” does not transform anything into beauty that was not already so. I am simply agreeing with the Creator that I can see the innate beauty in His workmanship.

The only thing transformed in the experience is me.


Now, you do it. And post your 5 minutes in the comment section or link to your own blog post on the topic or if you prefer to share in a more private way, email me at

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Posted by on September 29, 2011 in Abundant Life Small Group, Challenge


2 responses to “What is Beauty?

  1. mynatte

    September 29, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Surprising how quickly five minutes becomes a part of history. It is the present that is so fleeting; or, is it just nonexistent? Is everything either past or future? Beauty is also there, knowing that we can always start over. My beauty is all around me even when I do not see it. The morning fog covers the trees but allows the rising sun to trickle through its dampness. Snow covered mountains and fir trees lie silent in the distance. I want to walk among the wildflowers in mountain meadows. God must really like yellow. His yellow flowers dot the highways and pathways through the fields. Butterflies find their nourishment in those pedals just in front of me. Horses graze in the background in peaceful contentment. Make no mistake. This is God’s world.


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