What is Beauty? PART 2

30 Sep

Yesterday, I asked you to explore your idea of Beauty with a journaling exercise and an opportunity to read a number of other people’s entries on the topic. (If you missed it, or want to review, click here.) And I think they are right on target with where our hearts and minds go when we are asked to consider what is beautiful.

And yet … I am finding that initial reaction VERY incomplete.

If my personal goal is to make it to 1,000 beautiful things – and more – what is allowed to make the cut?

Is it Ok to be grateful for, to find beauty in, to consider it a gift of God in some measure when the topic is Yo-yos? Slim Jims? Contact Lenses?


I have LOVED exploring the musings of other hunters & gatherers of awesomeness, and they have pushed me to be even more creative in my definition of beauty.

For example, on his way to 1000 Awesome Things, author Neil Pasricha, discounts NOTHING in his life as a blessing. Don’t miss his commentaries on…

And here are some more from Neil that are so fun, you just have to trust me and click blindly to these links…

Beauty. Awesomeness. Things that Make you Smile. Gifts. Glimpses of God. I don’t care what you call them — just start NOTICING them!


One response to “What is Beauty? PART 2

  1. Donna Clayton Lloyd

    September 30, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Every morning– I throw open the shutters— while my mind is reminding me— brush your teeth, feed the cats, hit the shower. My mind’s eye is seeing me doing– and my eye is not seeing what I AM DOING.
    This morning– I threw open the shutters– and saw the sunny blue sky– and the outline of treetops against it across the lake. And- instantly, with no prompt, there was a spontaneous combustion of praise! Thank you Lord for the gift of a beautiful, bright sunny day– and for the eyes to see it! Give me your heart to live it to the fullest today.
    It’s just noticing– and then everything else calls in place. Oh beauty– there you are! O great God of beauty– there you are!


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