Be an Explorer!!

14 Oct

Yesterday, I introduced the idea of Bullet-Point Journaling, a rapid-fire, no stress way to clear a lot of information out of your head by putting it on paper. That is helpful and healthy in many situations. Sometimes, in fact, it’s all you need — just to download your brain to paper ro make room for something else.

But I have often found that my Bullet Points on any given subject great moments of A-Ha that need to be explored a little more fully. This is Exploratory or Layered Journaling.

I recently did a Bullet-Point Journaling session on the topic of God. (Note: I often limit these bullet-point sessions to 2 minutes, but I have also found it cleansing to keep going for as long as I can think of something new. Until a list feels substantial — or until I have hit something that signals me that I need to Explore it more.)

In about 100 seconds, my God is… list was this:

  • amazing
  • love me in new ways every day
  • the lifter of my head
  • my Abba father
  • trustworthy
  • faithful
  • the ultimate friend
  • not hidden
  • ready to show himself
  • always in control
  • always at the top of his game
  • my defender

Then, as I read my list again, I knew I wanted to say more about God’s character as trustworthy and faithful. So I wrote “God is trustworthy and faithful” at the top of the page to Explore. Peel back another Layer.

Have you not proven yourself so, Lord? So many times I have stepped into the seemingly nothingness of faith and you have provided a bridge that holds. Each & Every time! Oh, I have been bruised. I have scraped knees, battle scars, and there have been broken hearts. At times I’ve felt like I had to scramble along a tiny ledge — but there, too, you are — with a cleft in the rock, an escape plan I never could have imagined.

I have prayed recently to see your glory — have the privilege of watching you live and breathe and have your being in me & others around me. Why did I think those moments would come anywhere but on a precipice — or a potter’s wheel — or a refiner’s fire? For your greatest treasures, your strongest champions have been forged in flames.

Oh the story to tell on the other side. Surely then I will know even more deeply what I already know to be true. You ARE trustworthy. You ARE faithful.

Now read your entry again. Slowly and WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. If a word or phrase grabs you, circle it, write it at the top of a new page and go with that topic. More exploring. Another layer.

Your turn!


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