Worship Song Wednesday… and a Challenge

19 Oct
1. Watch this video of a Chris Tomlin song:
2. Watch it again, this time writing down some of the attributes of God the song mentions … or others God brings to mind as you watch/listen
3. Take your list of attributes: (ie. God is strength. Refuge. A Fortress for the Weak. Shows his love deeper than the sea) and write 1 at the top of a new journal page.
4. Think back over the course of your ENTIRE life … as far back as you can remember & as recent as right now … and record AS MANY WAYS AS YOU CAN that God has been this in your life. (For example… God was my refuge when… I was scared of the dark as a little girl; when I moved alone to Arizona; when my heart was broken by a college boyfriend; when I didn’t get a job a wanted; when we had to leave our house in Arizona…)
5. Repeat for additional attributes. Here are some you might consider but do WHATEVER the Holy Spirit says YOU need to reflect on…
  • God as my provider
  • Friend
  • Redeemer
  • Healer
  • Lord
  • Lifter of my Head
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Posted by on October 19, 2011 in Challenge, Worship Song Wednesday


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