New Friend Friday! Meet Rachelle Gilbert.

21 Oct

Welcome to a new feature called New Friend Friday. Each week, I’ll introduce you to a fellow Beauty Hunter … God Sighter … Joy Giver … Girlfriend in Gratitude. One of the most exciting things to me on this journey is the other people God is connecting me to in a most beautiful web of wonder and amazing for what HE does everyday. All around us. When we pay attention.

So please meet my friend Rachelle Gilbert. Author of the Flooded Heart blog. Please: go poke around her blog, sell hello, and tell her you Found Beauty in her today!

My Q&A with Rachelle…

* Briefly describe the story behind Flooded Heart as the name for your blog
My sister actually encouraged me to write out the story of my healing journey, blog style. It was easy to come up with the name Flooded Heart. Only hours before I noticed the first symptoms of a brain lesion, I had a dream in which I and many other women were gathered together to worship God in song. As we sang, beautiful beams of light were projecting into our hearts. Our hearts were flooded with the light of Jesus Christ. This dream was prophetic for me, and also for many of the women who have read my story. The Lord did an amazing work on my heart during my illness, and He hasn’t stopped yet!
* What do you hope readers will get from your blog?
My heart’s desire in writing this blog has always been that others would be reminded or know for the first time that God is good. He is for us! He loves us so much and wants good things for us, His children. He is not mad at us. He is not a big meanie, nor is He indifferent or impersonal. We can be as intimate with the God of the Universe as we want to be. I have been encouraged time and again by reading other people’s stories, and I hope to encourage others by telling mine.
* What was one of the most unexpected things you learned during your 40 Days of Now?
I loved 40 Days of Now! What a blessing that time was to my heart. I have become accustomed over the years to categorizing my days. Some days are quality, significant days and some are just dumb. I have often fallen into bed at night thinking to myself, Well that was a dumb day! 40 Days of Now was a jolt of God’s kind of reality for me. That is, there are no dumb days when Jesus is in them. And Jesus is in them. It’s simply a matter of being aware and being willing to search. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13
* Tell us about a time you recently Found Beauty
I tell ‘ya, I’m looking at beauty right now. As I type this, my two-month-old nephew is curled up sleeping on my lap. I don’t know if there’s anything more wonderful than a baby!
* Please share one tip for Finding Beauty/Noticing your Flooded Heart in everyday life?
For me, the best thing is to start out my day asking Jesus to reveal Himself to me sometime during the day. I have found that He will always answer this prayer! My job is to be on the lookout for the answer and to acknowledge it by thanking Him for it. There is no better way to cultivate joy than to live life a grateful person.
Rachelle also is a gifted poet, and I love the way she lets the Holy Spirit speak through her in this way. Here’s a taste: Letting Go & Holding On

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