New Friend Friday! Meet Sandra Joseph

04 Nov

It’s New Friend Friday!! Where I introduce you to a fellow Beauty Hunter … God Sighter … Joy Giver … Girlfriend in Gratitude. One of the most exciting things to me on this journey is the other people God is connecting me to in a most beautiful web of wonder and amazing for what HE does everyday. All around us. When we pay attention.

So please meet my friend Sandra Joseph. Author of the Recognize & Remember blog. Please: go poke around her blog, sell hello, and tell her you Found Beauty in her today!

My Q&A with Sandra…

* Briefly describe how “Recognize & Remember” has become the theme of your life.
I have always had a tender heart towards remembering and as I have journeyed through difficult times, I learned that if I purposely recognized  and recorded experiences when God has been faithful, those memories help me remember that God will continue to be faithful in my present situation.

* What do you hope readers will get from your blog?
My blog is more for me to process my thoughts and life experiences into words and to record my recognizable moments.  When others read my blog, my hope is that they will see a not be impressed by me, but with all that God is doing in my life.  Recognize and Remember encourages others to remember God’s faithfulness by recognizing God’s work in their life, recording it in some manner and then remembering it when life becomes hard. I also write about Mothering, MOPS and DaySpring’s Blessings Unlimited Business since these are part of my life as well. 

* What was one of the most unexpected things you’ve learned as you focus on Recognizing?
Although it should not be unexpected – I am still amazed at the speed of life.  When I started writing my blog, my 3 daughters were all in school (grad school, college and high school) and now 2 of them are married, 1 is engaged and we have a 1-year-old Grandson.  If I had not taken the time to recognize moments during these years, it would have flown by without me recognizing how God has been at work. 

* Tell us about a time you recently Recognized a special moment you Recorded.
When my youngest daughter was a Senior in High School, her busing situation did not work out and so I drove her school to and from (an hour each way).  At first, I was frustrated at being obligated for 2 hours each day, but throughout the year the Lord showed me what a blessing it was to have undivided time with her each day.  When she graduated, I made her a little photo flip book of all the sites we saw each day, and then I wrote a blog post about it which you can read here .  Even now as I read it again, it makes me remember and rejoice.

* Please share 1 tip for Recognizing & Remembering in everyday life?
We allow our lives to become so busy with things that don’t really matter.  Truly the relationships in our lives are the only investment we make that have eternal value.  So take the time to invest in your relationships by recognizing one thing what God is doing or has done in your life, record it in some manner (a photo, a blog post, a written journal or a scrap of paper in your Bible) and then ask God to remind you when you need to remember that He is faithful.  The simplicity of this is to just do it however you can and trust the God is going to use it in your life (and probably others) in the future.

The story of how Sandy & I know each other is truly one of God’s guiding. We met through our work but became friends because of our passion. For God. For tasting His goodness. For telling the truth about the hard stuff. For helping others see God’s faithfulness. Check out one of the posts that will really show you Sandy’s heart: That Woman in the Grocery Store.

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