Beth’s 1000+

“It is the beginning of list season. Lists of holiday menus, lists of handmade projects, lists of have-to-buys. They’re scattered and stacked across the counter, around my desk, when a friend’s dashed-off digital line blinks up on my screen. She dares me, and I don’t even blink. Could I write a list of a thousand things I love? I read her line again. As in, begin another list? To name one thousand blessings — one thousand gifts — is that what she means? Sure, whatever. …. I grab a scrap paper out of the ash-woven basket at the end of the counter … and I flip it over. Across the backside, on a whim, a dare, I scratch it down: Gift List. I begin the list. Not of gifts I want but of gifts I already have.”         –Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts


Her Dare Has Become My Own. Here is my journey to 1000. And More.  (started June 2011)

  1. Waterslides
  2. Feeling like a kid again
  3. Cousins
  4. Christian with new friends
  5. Christian’s courage to skate
  6. Music to dance to
  7. Heart smiles
  8. Lazy Sunday mornings with all 3 of us in bed
  9. Bed fights
  10. My parents married 40 years
  11. Wildflowers
  12. Cloud cover in the afternoon
  13. Fuzzy head haircuts
  14. Kid birthday parties
  15. Only bruises after a car-totalling accident
  16. A husband who dropped everything to be there
  17. Crying in the shower
  18. Honor system fruit stands
  19. Peaches so fresh the stems are still attached
  20. Cold water
  21. Libraries
  22. New book smell
  23. A-ha Moments
  24. Background music you find yourself toe-tapping to
  25. A baby chimp
  26. How her family protects her
  27. The tenderness and care of a chimp family
  28. A giraffe’s spot pattern
  29. The majesty of a lion, even sleeping
  30. Leaping lemurs
  31. Family day
  32. Dragonflies
  33. Water lilies
  34. Taking the time to stop and notice the frogs on lily pads
  35. Waterfalls
  36. Moving slowly even as others hurry past
  37. Christian – a champion frog spotter
  38. Teaching Christian to notice details
  39. A rapid-fire gratitude day
  40. Running out of cell phone battery while writing my gratitude memo
  41. A quarter from a stranger for Christian to use the zoo magnifier
  42. Sunlight through the trees
  43. A cooling mist
  44. Taking hundreds of ‘heart pictures’
  45. Stained glass windows in country churches
  46. Songs about summer
  47. Bare feet in the grass
  48. Water fights
  49. Smaller clothes that fit!
  50. Little League
  51. Baseball under the lights
  52. Butterflies in unexpected places
  53. A hint of fall in the air
  54. Shade
  55. A new school year
  56. Tears in the eyes of a friend touched by a gift
  57. Ordinary words arranged in extraordinary ways that take my breath away
  58. Grass between my toes
  59. Fitting into a new dress
  60. A loose tooth
  61. A sensitive soul housed in my son’s body
  62. Fresh out of the shower
  63. New haircuts
  64. Swings
  65. Seeing my husband across the football field and knowing what it means to Christian to have him there
  66. Feeling full of awesomeness
  67. Knowing you’re full of awesomeness even when you can’t feel it
  68. When a favorite song comes on the radio
  69. When anticipating a vacation is half the fun
  70. Nieces
  71. A ponytail day
  72. Someone else shampooing my hair
  73. Football weather
  74. Friday Night Lights
  75. Boys & Bonfires
  76. Christian’s dance routines and my joining without abandon
  77. Shorts that are too big
  78. Grandparents Day
  79. PAR!!!
  80. A good book
  81. Soft kitty fur
  82. Lacing up running shoes
  83. Sunroofs
  84. Dangling earrings
  85. My husband’s laugh
  86. Crazy Lucy dog’s hair
  87. A “what the heck, it’s only 1.5 hours away” Day at the Beach
  88. Seeing my parents as grandparents
  89. Heart smiles
  90. Dolphin spotting
  91. Losing time while talking with a friend
  92. Inspiration that takes your breath away
  93. Leftovers that taste better on the 2nd day
  94. A cold glass of milk
  95. Remembering milk in glass bottles delivered to our Colorado home
  96. Remembering I once lived in Colorado
  97. Christian’s DIY hair-dos
  98. Group worship
  99. A smooth writing pen
  100. Salt-water swimming pools
  101. Feeling good in your skin
  102. Smoothly shaved legs
  103. Treehouses
  104. 6-year-old Joke Time
  105. The bravery & sacrifice of our Military
  106. An evening shower after a long sweaty day
  107. Slim Jims
  108. A lost tooth and a jack-o-lantern smile
  109. Other people’s stories of God’s goodness, faithfulness, healing
  110. When a plan comes together
  111. Anticipation of seeing old friends
  112. That others think of me when they read inspirational things and want to share
  113. Afternoon thunderstorms
  114. Post-it Notes
  115. Christian reading me books
  116. Pictures of Denver on Monday Night Football
  117. Ceiling fans
  118. Walking out back in time to see a crane fly to our pond
  119. A favorite T-shirt
  120. Changing clothes after work
  121. Taking off my socks
  122. Forgiveness
  123. A brand-new Cub Scout uniform
  124. Green Eggs & Ham on the way to school
  125. Cool Fall mornings
  126. A purring cat
  127. The first blue-jeans day of fall
  128. Funny faces
  129. Belly laughs
  130. Belly button inspections
  131. Christian’s candid photo-taking
  132. Great TV dialogue
  133. My grandmother’s china
  134. Dr. Seuss books
  135. Crisp mountain apples
  136. The apple taste that reminds me apple cider at the orchard of my youth
  137. Thinking about pumpkin donuts at the orchard
  138. Telling a friend what she means to you on her birthday
  139. Laugh lines
  140. Singing in the shower
  141. Hearing the hymns I sang without thought as a child with adult ears and being awestruck at the words
  142. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
  143. Your grace enough
  144. A 12-year-old songwriter with a huge heart for Jesus
  145. Different translations of the Bible that bring things to life in new ways
  146. Pumpkin spice latte
  147. Thom saying “You’re a good mom”
  148. Leaving a note on a friend’s desk… just to make her smile
  149. The ability to move away from a negative conversation
  150. Recognizing I didn’t want to be near a negative conversation, even though I wasn’t a part of it
  151. Audio books
  152. Rocking chairs
  153. Old gospel music
  154. Checkers on the Cracker Barrel porch
  155. Dogs in the back of pick-up trucks
  156. Hot biscuits
  157. Finding matching socks on the first try
  158. Father & Son playing catch in my front yard
  159. A cat on my lap
  160. A glimpse of the sun during a cloudy day
  161. Contacts fresh from the case
  162. Taking my contacts out at the end of the day
  163. Yo-yos
  164. A church choir
  165. “You do not faint. You won’t grow weary.”
  166. My Redeemer lives!
  167. The raised hands, fist pumps, and tears of the freshly baptized
  168. Holding Thom’s hand in prayer
  169. Grandpa Zimmerman’s birthday
  170. Celebrating with his pancake recipe
  171. Baby dedications
  172. Life lessons from Legos
  173. Fresh perspective
  174. Happy “Accidents”
  175. That God’s yoke is easy and his burden light
  176. That Jesus is the All in All. “There is no need for a super-sized Jesus”
  177. Leaders with character
  178. Movies worth watching over and over
  179. Conquering the dreaded sock basket
  180. A great night of baseball
  181. A $10million golf purse that comes down to the last putt
  182. Humble winners
  183. The moment when winners get to hug their wives in the crowd
  184. Homemade bread
  185. Old photos
  186. Childhood friends
  187. Rain that brings cool weather
  188. All the laundry clean
  189. Ignoring that the laundry will just get dirty again
  190. A clean house
  191. Empty trash cans
  192. Thom’s birthday
  193. Christian — the excellent gift giver
  194. Blown glass
  195. Bookstores
  196. Friends who give great fashion advice
  197. Shoes that are cute AND comfortable
  198. Sleeping with the windows open
  199. Mums in bloom
  200. Feeling inspired
  202. Pandora radio
  203. An empty dishwasher
  204. Learning new options on my camera
  205. Fixing my camera myself
  206. Google
  207. Golf dates with Thom
  208. Feeling helpful to a friend
  209. Your Alma Mater on National TV
  210. Roller Coasters
  211. Jeff Dunham comedy
  212. High fives
  213. Drinking through a straw
  214. Chips & Salsa
  215. Free refills
  216. Going to the movies
  217. Finding the right size batteries when you need them
  218. Fresh-cut grass
  219. Tire swings
  220. Rain boots
  221. How Facebook has made it a Small World afterall
  222. A postcard from your teacher when she’s out of town
  223. Mail with your name on it … in actual handwriting
  224. Filling the last page of a journal
  225. The first page of a new journal
  226. Cardinal Red
  227. October baseball
  228. Great smelling shampoo
  229. Pinball machines
  230. County fairs
  231. Family night
  232. Improv Comedy done well
  233. Apples with Peanut Butter
  234. Watching Christian sleep
  235. Butterflies in unexpected places
  236. Photo treasure hunts
  237. Great photography
  238. Great public speakers
  239. The hour before sunset and how it makes everything look magical
  240. A surprise text message
  241. Catching up with my sister
  242. Getting our CDs on an MP3 player
  243. Tigers
  244. The Seventh Inning Stretch
  245. Ballparks
  246. Take me out to the Ballgame
  247. Pre-game fly-overs
  248. Girlfriends in gratitude
  249. How the Internet links all our journeys and stories in ways never before imagined
  250. “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.” Psalm 143.8
  251. Morning runs followed by long stretching sessions
  252. An afternoon to relax because the house is already clean
  253. A windows wide open kind of day
  254. The way a camera lens makes you see things your eyes don’t
  255. Over-sized sweatshirts
  256. Needing a blanket on the couch
  257. Your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens.
  258. College game day at a Sports Bar
  259. French Fries worth the calories
  260. A great deal
  261. Putting on pants instead of shaving your legs
  262. Good neighbors
  263. Backward Baseball caps
  264. Holding the opposing team short on 4th down
  265. Wild mushrooms – even the ugly ones
  266. Enthusiastic & ENCOURAGING sports parents
  267. Max Lucado books
  268. Wireless Internet
  269. Underdogs who win
  270. Soldiers in uniform
  271. Morning light through church windows
  272. Screaming with 1000s of others in a stadium
  273. An overtime win
  274. Our God reigns Now & Forever
  275. That I’m covered in your love
  276. That I have tasted and seen that God is good
  277. The weight of all our sin upon your shoulders that we should be called your sons & daughters
  278. That what was once crimson is now white as snow
  279. That I get to watch God’s love unfold
  280. That you let me call you Abba — Daddy God
  281. That in You we live and move and have our being
  282. That in every breath, I am breathing in your grace
  283. A greenhouse of mums
  284. Foods that taste like pumpkin
  285. Wild daisies on the side of the road
  286. Orange bushes at the Robeson off-ramp
  287. Bananas to hand a homeless man
  288. Pig races
  289. Christian on a pony
  290. Simple pleasures like playgrounds
  291. Roosters
  292. When your camera battery goes dead but it doesn’t matter because your heart can hold it all
  293. Each and every time I get to see the ocean
  294. A really good sandwich
  295. Boats with clever names
  296. Reading with Christian
  297. Getting to be The Mom
  298. Puppies with giant paws
  299. The smell of coffee
  300. Red barns
  301. Fields ready for harvest
  302. Old farm equipment
  303. Cotton
  304. John Deere tractors
  305. The Honor & Tradition of the military – even in something as tragic as funerals
  306. Chris Tomlin songs
  307. YouTube
  308. Fog hanging over the early morning fields
  309. Laughing a silly pet greeting card photos
  310. Sleeping ferrets
  311. Pet stores where they keep cute things to visit so you don’t have to bring them home
  312. Made-up songs
  313. When the weather is better than the weatherman said it would be
  314. The last out
  315. Being challenged to push to the next level
  316. Being able to help people in tough situations
  317. Surprise parties
  318. Feeling at peace
  319. Giving up the struggle part of struggling
  320. A rainbow on a WV mountain
  321. A fall leaf in a running gutter
  322. Mountainsides in full color
  323. Mom&Dad at a World Series game in St. Louis
  324. Grain elevators
  325. Illinois fields of corn
  326. Kentucky horse farms
  327. Thinking about Steak n Shake milkshakes w/o having to eat one
  328. The many, many kinds of clouds God made
  329. Private jokes between sisters
  330. Official state songs
  331. God Bless America sung by veterans
  332. When the traffic-stalling accident is on the OTHER side of the Interstate
  333. Seeing the #28 – Anywhere
  334. Scrappy Cardinal baseball
  335. Pregame World Series hoopla
  336. State Welcome Centers
  337. Clydesdales
  338. Jokes at the expense of the Cubs
  339. How little things feel like home, like Hucks gas station
  340. The Arch in the distance
  341. Staying in a hotel long enough to unpack
  342. Emily’s wedding weekend
  343. Meeting a dear friend’s soon-to-be husband
  344. Picking up right where you left off, even if it’s been 10 years
  345. Sunlight through the curtains
  346. Mississippi riverboats
  347. Engineering marvels like the Gateway Arch
  348. A beautiful fall day
  349. Seeing new things in a city I’ve visited dozens of times
  350. Rotunda art
  351. A foundation dyed Cardinal red
  352. Finding our commemorative brick at Busch Stadium
  353. The view from 630ft above the Mississippi river
  354. Hotels with swimming pools
  355. Pizza cut into square pieces
  356. A really good meatball sub
  357. A day with no schedule
  358. Free beer at the end of a brewery tour
  359. A dear friend’s wedding day!
  360. Hugs from old friends
  361. Bubbles
  362. A beautiful mix of tears & smiles during a wedding ceremony
  363. Flowers in fall colors
  364. The Trumpet Voluntary
  365. A super-proud father of the bride
  366. My Dad praying at Em’s reception
  367. Being called Daughter #2 by your friend’s mom
  368. Conga lines
  369. Dancing with my son
  370. Giving myself permission to be silly on the dance floor
  371. Sunday morning on the prairie
  372. Waking up between my husband and my son — how did I get to be the luckiest girl in the world?
  373. Soft socks
  374. Gas station coffee
  375. Beau Monde seasoning and how it makes me think of my Grandma
  376. My parents dancing next to Emily’s
  377. Holding hands in the car
  378. Comfy car-riding clothes
  379. Huey Lewis & the News
  380. Racing Christian to the car
  381. Cattails
  382. A glass-blowing demonstration
  383. Handmade art
  384. Bees on Flowers
  385. Ladybugs
  386. Thinking of Emily in Hawaii with her new husband
  387. Driving through tunnels
  388. Wedding cake (even if it’s just the smell)
  389. A great logo
  390. A highway rest area right when you need it
  391. Great gas mileage
  392. People who are really dedicated to their job and go the extra mile
  393. Remembering not to give up too soon
  394. A nap in the car
  395. Gas station snacks
  396. Finding cheaper gas in other states
  397. Analogies that work!
  398. Tenderness
  399. Watching true artisans at work
  400. Planning a garden
  401. The last leaf on a winter bare tree
  402. Discovering local farmer’s markets
  403. A road trip that starts before sunrise
  404. Breakfast out
  405. Naps in the car
  406. A 70 degree day in January
  407. Christian’s exclamations of “Awesome!”
  408. Childhood amazement at an aircraft carrier
  409. Touring a sub with a Navy Seaman who served on it
  410. Pelicans
  411. Sailboats
  412. The Charleston, SC bridge
  413. History you can still touch
  414. That I don’t have to sleep in a triple bunk
  415. Remembering when a Coke was a nickel
  416. Photo opportunities all over the place!
  417. Anticipating a great vacation
  418. “Dude”
  419. Raiding hotel vending machines
  420. Kids Eat Free restaurants
  421. Room Service
  422. An Amazing Broncos Playoff Win
  423. Waking up everyone in the hotel with your Overtime celebration
  424. Cruise Day!
  425. Mom & Pop delis
  426. A morning in Charleston
  427. “Dad & I are buddies until the end of the world. Which could be this year.”
  428. Seeing the ship in port
  429. Dolphins in the harbor
  430. Funny diving seabirds
  431. Trying (& liking) new foods
  432. Lots of Rest
  433. Lots of Play
  434. diet desserts that taste good
  435. Christian’s super cool pull-down bed
  436. A full moon over an open ocean
  437. Teaching Christian to spot Orion in the sky
  438. Sleeping on a ship
  439. An old Indian woman eating ice cream on a deck chair
  440. Nothing but ocean on every side
  441. All day for play
  442. Not needing to know what time it is
  443. Time to read and a good book in hand
  444. Reading for pleasure
  445. Getting dressed up
  446. A formal family photo
  447. Indulgent foods — once in a while
  448. Fruit Loops in a china dish
  449. On deck before sun-up
  450. Sunrise over Nassau
  451. Atlantis
  452. Aquariums
  453. Watching fish move – deliberate, but effortless
  454. Baby sting rays
  455. Clear blue/green seas
  456. A water slide on a cruise ship — not just for kids!
  457. Naps on the beach
  458. Conch shacks
  459. snorkeling
  460. Nothing but the sound of my own breath
  461. A Bahamian sings Lady Antebellum
  462. Watching Christian make good choices with the trip $$ he saved up
  463. Meeting the people who handmade your souvenirs
  464. A shower after the beach
  465. Rosy cheeks after a day in the sun
  466. Dad braves the waterslide. Christian could not be more thrilled.
  467. Running out of room on your week’s gratitude list spot and writing in the margins
  468. Tropical plants
  469. Fountains in the Atlantis resort
  470. A Lego Atlantis toy bought AT Atlantis
  471. Towel Animals
  472. A riot of color in the Bahamian market
  473. Thom asking if “I Found Beauty” today
  474. Unique flora in other parts of the world
  475. The motion of the ocean
  476. Umbrella drinks
  477. A date on a ship
  478. Beatles music
  479. A Filipino Beatles Cover Band – Awesome!
  480. A room full of adults with glow sticks and “Hey Jude”
  481. Playing Monopoly as a family (on a ship)
  482. An umbrella in your milk
  483. Singing & Dancing waiters
  484. A massage therapist from Macedonia who calls  your shoes “flippers”
  485. A facial – on a ship
  486. 7 complete days with my 2 favorite people on the planet
  487. Perfect January getaway weather
  488. Almost 500 photos and knowing it would take 5 million more to really show all the highlights
  489. Looking forward to another cruise … someday
  490. Lunch with my husband
  491. Rebates
  492. Martha Beck’s super-inspiring Finding your North Star
  493. Bargain shopping
  494. “Zerberts” from 2-year-olds
  495. A wrestling match with 3 kids at once
  496. Extra hands to help around the house
  497. Christian meets new cousins Hadley & Harper
  498. A big yard for our 3 dogs and the 2 extras right now
  499. Feeling really, really at peace
  500. Making it to 500 gratitudes!!
  501. Beach houses
  502. Remembering great times with great friends
  503. Being there for someone’s breakthrough
  504. “If you don’t like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.”
  505. Seeds sprouting from a small plastic cup
  506. A boy with his dog
  507. Learning to open my mind
  508. Learning to open my heart
  509. Having a camera in my purse when I need it
  510. Christian’s “Cinimin Milk” creation
  511. The moment when 1 thing makes everything else make sense
  512. Opening Day Baseball Games
  513. Organ Music at Busch Stadium
  514. Legends of the Game honored well
  515. Wedding photos
  516. A dear friend PREGNANT!
  517. Hope for Flowers, by Trina Paulus
  518. Crying in the Shower
  519. Hearing an old song you’ve forgotten about
  520. “You are Good, and your love endures forever”
  521. Picking the healthy option … and liking it
  522. Giant paperclips and other oversized silliness
  523. Big Announcements
  524. Feeling at home in my home
  525. Alone time
  526. Together time
  527. That I’m NOT in Junior High anymore
  528. Prom photos
  529. Remembering High School fun
  530. The fresh scent of cleaning supplies
  531. Foods on a stick
  532. Backyard barbecues
  533. Little cousins walking hand in hand
  534. The courage that comes from having a cousin go first
  535. Simple family fun
  536. Carousels
  537. The smell of fried foods
  538. Kids on rollercoasters
  539. The Tilt-a-Whirl
  540. A lit ferris wheel at night
  541. A finished publication in your hands
  542. The Message version of the Bible
  543. Teamwork
  544. Being inspired, not jealous, by the success of others
  545. Funny field day games
  546. Bouncy houses
  547. Rubber chickens
  548. Eating with chopsticks
  549. Sushi
  550. Being afraid — and doing it anyway
  551. The end of a long road
  552. Free lunch
  553. The sacred opportunity to mourn with friends
  554. The relief of letting go
  555. Easter egg hunts with fruit snacks
  556. A schedule that lets me pick Christian up from school
  557. Christian requests The Beatles
  558. Ninja cupcakes
  559. Roller Skating birthday parties
  560. Disco balls
  561. Being in the thick of God’s presence
  562. Finding that thickness in unexpected places
  563. Jeff Deyo songs
  564. Magic shows
  565. Boys in Scout uniforms
  566. College t-shirts
  567. Keys to a new home
  568. New friends
  569. Old friends
  570. 7-year-olds at hockey games
  571. When you actually learn a lot from a required course
  572. Never being too old to learn
  573. Finding the right logo for my new business
  574. Launching A Coach in Your Corner Life Coach business
  575. Hearing the stories of missionaries
  576. Grilled veggies
  577. A bonus diet Coke
  578. Chai Latte
  579. Five Minute Fridays
  580. Finding lost keys
  581. A house on a golf course
  582. The first golf outing of the year
  583. An 18-hole personal best
  584. Thunderstorms that cool and clean
  585. Discovery
  586. Feeding alpaca from your hands
  587. The super softness of alpaca fur
  588. A peacock in full display
  589. 1st grade farm field trips
  590. Prayer partners
  591. Shorts weather
  592. Progress on big projects
  593. Meeting with like minds
  594. Mercy
  595. My first paid coaching client
  596. God’s provision … again and again and again
  597. Inner Peace. Real.Deep.Peace.
  598. A bird’s nest on our porch
  599. Caterpillars on our tree
  600. Weather forecasting groundhogs
  601. Chocolate chip pancakes
  602. Lazy weekends
  603. Finding enough change at the bottom of your purse to get a drink at the vending machine
  604. Ferry boats
  605. Seagulls who catch bread midair
  606. Jelly fish
  607. Seahorses
  608. Thom & Christian fishing together
  609. Mother’s Day morning on a beach pier
  610. Homemade Mother’s Day gifts
  611. My son thinking I smell mostly like salt
  612. Being a Mom
  613. When Plan B is super fun
  614. Movies that make me cry
  615. Being with friends who are crying at the same movie
  616. Movie quotes that connect people across the miles
  617. Idea Jars
  618. Beauty from ashes
  619. Vulnerability
  620. Goosebump moments
  621. Counting down days to summer vacation
  622. A really clean chalkboard
  623. Comments on my Blog (hint, hint … leave yours below)
  624. The smell of fresh laundry
  625. Friday Nights
  626. The wisdom of Brian Tracy
  627. Remembering how good it feels to record the beauty in my life!
  628. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
  629. Memorial Day tributes
  630. Red, White & Blue all around town
  631. Flyovers
  632. “Start your engines”
  633. A yard of bricks
  634. 11 Rows of 3
  635. Indy cars on the last Sunday in May
  636. Jim Nabors: Back Home Again in Indiana
  637. Andrettis
  638. Squeaky flip-flops
  639. Remembering 2 cars working together are always faster than 1 alone
  640. Well-oiled pit crews at work
  641. Sun showers
  642. A quick cooling rain at the beach
  643. Mini golf, than ice cream in a beach town — a perfect nightcap
  644. Aloe
  645. The calmness of a professional in a high-stress situation
  646. Soldier Homecoming videos
  647. Homemade chicken salad
  648. Lunch on the beach
  649. Pageantry & Tradition
  650. Little girl bathing suits
  651. Inflatable pools in the front yard
  652. The continuous shot feature on my camera
  653. Taking off the training wheels
  654. A husband who supports my quiet times
  655. Charge, by Brendon Burchard
  656. A hole-in-one! (even if it’s just mini golf)
  657. Christian enjoying Grandma’s house
  658. Thinking about special visits to my own grandparents’ houses
  659. Kids at the beach
  660. A good surfer’s day
  661. A flock of hunting pelicans
  662. Hydrangea in bloom
  663. Hibiscus flowers
  664. The old days of listening to the Indy 500 on the radio in our backyard
  665. Squealing girls (for a little while)
  666. Being Aunt Beth
  667. Lip balm after a day in the sun
  668. My blog readers
  669. Signs of spring turning to summer all over my yard
  670. A 2-year-old spotting a gecko
  671. Coloring books
  672. Grand slams that win games
  673. Gracious winners
  674. Exploring new places with my camera
  675. Having a friend sleep over
  676. Extra innings
  677. When things cost less than you budgeted
  678. Hotel deals on Priceline
  679. College sports
  680. Freshly vacuumed carpet
  681. Clean sheets
  682. A thrown-together dinner that turns out yummy
  683. A formal invitation to a military retirement celebration
  684. Being confirmed for a Pentagon escort
  685. A bird’s nest on our porch
  686. Watching mama & daddy bird protect the nest
  687. Baseball uniforms dirtied by hard play
  688. Frisco eating with her paws
  689. A free T-shirt
  690. Being a pint low on O- to save someone else
  691. Sitting under a ceiling fan
  692. Putting lotion on my feet at the end of the day
  693. Potluck dinners
  694. Best Ball golf tournaments
  695. Driving a golf cart
  696. Caprese salad
  697. Deviled eggs
  698. Manna Church
  699. Glee
  700. Deuteronomy 2:3
  701. Dental Floss
  702. Turtles in a pond
  703. Small Group kick-off night
  704. The opportunity to tell someone what you admire about her
  705. Finding nail clippers when you need them
  706. The beauty of a golf course
  707. Swans
  708. Guacamole in single-serving packages
  709. The moment when a big project goes from Hot Mess to Making Progress
  710. Looking at old photos
  711. Yearbooks
  712. The bonfire solution for getting rid of trash
  713. Magazines
  714. “Mom, feel my muscles”
  715. “Mom, let’s cuddle”
  716. Putting down food that doesn’t taste good
  717. Music boxes
  718. Christian’s made-up games
  719. Laughing until your stomach muscles hurt
  720. Coconut Lime Verbena scented lotion
  721. Sleeping dogs
  722. Boxes labeled “Keepsakes”
  723. Opening Keepsake boxes from time to time
  724. Saying “no” to Cracker Barrel Biscuits
  725. Baseball hats on bad-hair days
  726. Non-sweating drink cups
  727. Home Alone – no matter how many times you’ve seen it
  728. Locating long-forgotten books
  729. Notes delivered via paper airplane
  730. Playoff Beards
  731. Zambonis
  732. Jumbotrons
  733. The Stanley Cup
  734. The hockey tradition of shaking hands at the end of a series
  735. The expectation of an amazing summer
  736. The moment you notice a headache is gone
  737. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
  738. Music Countdown specials
  739. Award Shows
  740. Women’s Power Networking
  741. Hanging out with other life coaches
  742. Fuzzy furred goslings
  743. Thank you notes in a child’s handwriting
  744. MOM: Manager of Miracles
  745. A patch of blue in a stormy sky
  746. Organizing my office supplies
  747. Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network
  748. Cheesy competition TV shows … any and all of them
  749. A DVR to record the cheesy competition TV shows my husband does not enjoy (which is also any and all of them)
  750. A free air-conditioner when ours broke
  751. Finding old writings and projects
  752. Life Lessons from Baseball
  753. Weather radar maps
  754. The Amplified Bible
  755. Old-fashioned hour glasses
  756. Online sermons
  757. Singing in the car
  758. Little voices singing big worship songs
  759. Having an answer to the every day inquiry of “What’s for Dinner?”
  760. Stepping out on a limb and finding it holds
  761. Learning Evalene Janese will have her WHOLE family in town for her 75th Birthday
  762. Dance parties in the kitchen
  763. End of the school year celebrations
  764. Chopsticks in my utensil drawer
  765. 295 days with Brian Jiapeng Li in our home
  766. Funny ringtones
  767. People who understand my movie references
  768. Knowing you’ve made a good choice
  769. Remembering to look out. And up. And starting to count again.

16 responses to “Beth’s 1000+

  1. Emily

    November 16, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Loved so many of these but 111 and 386 were especially moving. And although you said waterslides…..I would add homemade waterslides 🙂

  2. prouddaddy

    October 7, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I was crying by 66, grateful to have been there to share some, able to picture so many others.

  3. Pingback: Just Be Beth
  4. Lillian

    September 24, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    You’ve done it now!!! I am grateful for inspiration.


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