How “I Found Beauty” Got its Name

I was moved, inspired, and forever changed by a Blog entry from, the blogging home of Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts, which has also changed me in immeasurable ways.

Below is an excerpted portion. Read the full entry here: Finding the Perfect Weight

Before, when a child brought in a fistful of Queen Anne’s lace, summer’s scattered doilies, it was only then I’d simply slip a vase off the shelf. Or when boys raced in with first profusion of wild daffodils from the ditches…. Or when he’d stop the tractor at the edge of the sideroad on the way home from the other farms, right there by the neighbor’s, and Farmer Husband would fill his arms with tiger lilies growing free under the maples, him feeling no shame in greased and manly hands picking the slender stems, carry flowers home for his bride.

I’d just get a vase down then.

Have beauty.
Must get a vessel.

But when Farmer gave me the crocks, eventually set of four, all thrift store finds, the world spun. Now I had vases that became furniture, that always remained out.

Have vessel.
Now must find beauty.

Empty containers can makes us seekers, hunters of glory.

I need to find grace — beauty to fill the emptiness.

Never anything purchased with paper or change… only that which can be bought with attention.



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